Voucher Codes: What makes them so popular ?

Discounts vouchers are an important marketing tool for today’s retail companies. Offering gift vouchers or discount vouchers to regular or loyal customers is a common practice among retailers and marketing companies nowadays.

Physical vouchers VS Voucher codes     

Till some years ago, when internet was not so widespread and online shopping was merely a concept, not many people believed in. The discount or gift vouchers happened to come in the physical format. A card or small sized pamphlet with an alphanumeric code (printed on one side of it) was provided to the potential customers. The other side of the voucher card or pamphlet was occupied by an eye catching advertisement of the company, offering the same.

In the later years, with the advent of online shopping and online marketplaces, more and more people started buying products and services over the net. This is the time when voucher codes came into existence.

Now, an online shopping company can offer discount or gift vouchers far more easily in the form of discount codes. Once you register with an online retail portal or marketplace, they have access to your email ID and mobile phone number. These are used to deliver the codes to the customers to the new ones and also to the loyal buyers of a shopping website.

Benefits of discount vouchers  

Discount and gift vouchers either as voucher codes or in physical format are hugely popular among shoppers. Primarily, because they offer exceptional value for money in the form of discounts, freebies and special offers etc.

Secondly, they create a brand loyalty among the customers, which in turn works as an advertising tool for a company. That is the reason voucher codes like www.vouchercodesking.co.uk are used as a highly effective promotional tool by the retailers.