Mens Knitwear With Elbow Patches – Ideal Garment To Be Well Wrapped

In countries with cold climates, it is essential to have a good coat. Since the time of our grandmothers used to knit sweaters manually, but thanks to technology this procedure is done industrially, obtaining fabrics, especially wool or synthetic material, which are used to make garments that cover the arms and the upper body, in order to protect us from cold weather.

Also known in other countries as pullover, jersey, mens knitwear, sweatshirt or jacket, it is given the same use. Although with several modifications in some places, it still has the same purpose, to be well sheltered. At the beginning, they were woven, basically, in navy blue or dark colors, but then they were varying the techniques, obtaining beautiful decorations. It can be combined with jeans, a pair of good boots or a jacket on top, to leave anyone wearing it at the highest levels of elegance, either day or night.

In many models, they are incorporated high or extended neck, in order to cover that part of the body before the inclemency of the harsh winter. There are also mens designer knitwear that are a little sportier, with hoods added or an extension to cover the head, in case of rain. There is another style with front pockets to keep both hands. Its shape can be tight to the body to give more heat or also a little loose for freedom of movement, as is the case of athletes and people who practice outdoor activities. Another modification suffered by this garment, was the inclusion of the neck in a “V” to differentiate the back of the front.

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It can be used with a shirt or underneath, for when the cold is quite strong, having the advantage that if the temperature changes, you can remove the sweater and it will not suffocate with the heat.

In short, there is a variety of models to protect us in cold weather and depending on the jeans, shoes, and jackets with which we choose to combine them, a sweater may give a touch of class that will make it shine in any event. It can also be used as a sports piece.

The brand “883 Police” has a variety of models in different styles DON NAVY, DON ECRU, DON BLACK, CHARCOAL TOWERS, KHAKI TOWERS, GARDA LIGHT, in black, white or gray, with ribbed designs and decorative details on the neck, shoulder or bottom, showing the engraving of the mark in the upper left.

With a proven track record worldwide of more than 20 years and solid experience in the design industry, “883 Police” has positioned itself as a leader in the manufacture of casual clothes in Europe, Asia and America.

To acquire one of these wonderful garments, just click on and there you will find your favorite color, in all sizes, with the details that are to your liking. You can buy from home, with a few simple steps and use a credit card or PayPal to make the payment, to avoid that you have to be walking and moving to the store. We assure you that you will have your order in a maximum of 7 days.

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