Make Beautiful Jewelry From Glass Beads

Want to know a secret? Glass beads are the key to stylish and classy jewelry. The use of glass beads in making jewelry and beads dates back to about 3000 years ago as it is one of the oldest human arts that are still in existence today. You know the score; when you walk around with ordinary jewelry, people seem not to give you that look with rapt attention, but when you do it in a classy way by rocking jewelry made from glass bead; you’ll notice that all eyes are on you.

We all know what it means to look classy, but sometimes we fail to meet up with ‘looking classy.’ Look! The glass beads are arguably one of the best materials that can be used in the manufacture of chic and stylish jewelry that defines your personality because they come in various designs. As such, they make for fabulous bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that are easy to craft.

Bang! You’ve been hit with the challenge of making your glass bead or perhaps buying one or a product made of it because it appears to be trendy. With virtually everyone taking part in wearing accessories from glass bead, you may want to make yours.  There is the need that you know the basics of making jewelry like the clamp shells, clasps, crimp beads, bead caps, bugle bead and the like are conventional bead making materials. Get your materials ready and find a helpful place that is void of distraction, this ensures that you hone your focus fully towards achieving what you need. You need creativity to come up with a style that suits you. Likewise, you may include semi-precious beads and stones to your jewelry making with glass beads. And you know what? You can opt for jewelry crafting class to learn more and make the crafting process way easier.

Beyond that, there are various categories of the glass beads depending on the method of manipulation of the bead, and they include the wound, molded and drawn beads. The drawn glass beads date back to thousands of years ago but remain in the limelight when it comes to glass bead making. It entails pulling a strand of the glass and incorporating bubble in the center of the hole which serves as the bead hole. Also, the wound method involves wounding the hot glass bead round a mandrel coated with a clay slip or steel wire. Likewise, the molded beads – where hot rods are used to manufacture glass beads or the use of a rotary machine.

Glass beads remain historical and somewhat peculiar to the Czech Republic but people from various part of the world acknowledge the need for jewelry made from glass bead. As such, they patronize the glass bead industry and keep their standards high with it. It’s nice to know that the glass beads come in various shapes, sizes, materials and even color to suit different choices.