Nowadays, we’re prepared to spend more on a bag than a holiday or even a car and we want the rest of the world to know it.

Women used to be in their houses and take care of their household. When they started getting out of the house, for both leisure and work, bags became a useful tool of carrying their personal belongings.

Most of women prefer backpacks and tote bags from new collection of Greek Handmade and Italian Handmade, because are convenient bags for every occasion and every hour of the day.

You can see and search in our online shop 4bag the special and impressive backpacks of the Greek Handmade collection which are made of 100% recycled leather.

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Most of women would feel naked without their bags. And, as clothes become more streamlined and minimalist, it is in your choice of bag that you make sure you stand out of the crowd.

Another vital element for a Greek Brand Bags and Italian Handmade bags, of course, is glamour.

Often this comes from the magical association between a brand and a woman, such as the Greek Handmade collection made by our company 4bag.

Classic colors for the tote Greek and Italian Handmade bag are black, gray, brown, white, blue and all pastel shades.

The most casual versions of tote include more rectangular form, comfortable size and not very long straps.

The tote shopper bag is the perfect bag for you to use in the office as well as on the walks for your everyday shopping.

What bags to choose from our eshop?

Apart from our Greek handmade and the Italian handmade bags, you can find in our eshop many other famous and popular brands.

You can find a variety of tote bags in the 4bag online store in well-known brands, with a wide range of tote bags that definitely cover all tastes.

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