Fashionista: Suede Shoes

When you talk about fashion and style statement with comfortability, it comes with not only wearing clothes as well as what type of shoes you wear with them. Actually, shoes are the mirror of personality. suede shoes  meet all the aforementioned qualities. The suede is a type of leather which is having napped finish. Now days suede shoes are trending as an alternative to leather shoes. It comes with different styles and different colors and is also available for both men and women.

Style Statement:

Shoes, boots, trainers, plimsolls etc. are the different type of suede footwear you can get in the market according to your choice. All the types comes with various styles like if anyone want chukka style suede boot or desert suede boots, every style is available in the market. It gives different look than casuals.

If one talks about the comparison between suede and leather shoes it is known that leather as well as suede is taken from animals but suede is extracted from the interior of skin while leather is from its exterior side. Thus, you can say that in the formation of suede the upper surface of the skin is used, due to which it very delicate and thin in nature. That’s why shoes made from suede need more attention during cleaning but now day’s style is more concerned than anything.

Maintenance also needed:

Style statement is the main thing but you cannot deny. The money is put in buying that style and hence maintenance is also an important concern. You should take care about some points while cleaning the suede. One could not rub the brush over the wet shoes as it will make the marks of the brush on the shoes. Also, one should not clean with the cloth over the wet shoes because it will cause tear in the fabric.