Electric Shavers for Skinheads & How to Choose The Best One

Hair Maintenance is one of the key factors in maintaining a person’s image and communicates his personality. While some people grow hair in any length and opt for salon procedures such as trimming, coloring, perming, straightening, and bleaching; it’s a different story for skinheads.

Nicks and cuts with some annoying rashes are the most common results of shaving bald heads with a regular razor used to shave facial hair.

Considering the use of electric razors (which is the best razor for shaving head), is a good way of saving time and energy without the need of going to the barber, giving the most precise cut and comfortable shave. Rotary and foil shavers are available.

Manual shaving is a slow, painstaking process with risks of cutting the thin skin and missing spots along the back of your head.

Using an electric shaver gives the ability to slide the shaver back and forth along the surface of one’s head, removing all hair and providing a close shave. This makes the shaving razor a better tool to avoid bumps or irritation.

When choosing the most appropriate electric shaving razor it is best to choose between rotary and foil shavers according to the needs. Both options can provide a close shave. For most baldheads, the choice will come down to their personal preference and whichever suits their budget. If you have used an electric shaver to rid off facial hair in the past, then you may already have a preferred choice.

Brought about by the advances in technology, design, and overall dexterity – using either rotary or foil electric shaver can work just as well regardless of skin or hair type. Before, foil shavers were highly prescribed for people that do not need to shave as often. On the other hand, rotary shavers are best razor for shaving head of individuals who prefer to do it on a daily basis.

With sensitive skin, the persistent experience of irritation will still be visible using a high-powered rotary shaver. If shaving is an everyday necessity, but a user has a sensitive skin and regularly notices razor bumps, it is best to look for a shaver with adjustable settings of the shaver for sensitive skin.