Car Shopping in a Man’s World

Women dominate many markets from fashion to home decor and beauty products to health care. Women know how to shop and some could (and do) make a career of it. However when it comes to the car show room women suddenly are forced to fade into the background, even if they are there sans a man and ready and willing to spend money. So how do you manage when faced with a showroom full of nervous sales men unconvinced you are there to buy a car?

Doubting Sales Guy

Unfortunately for both you and the sales guy alike, there seems to be a sense of doubt when a woman walks into a showroom alone. Sales guys in the showroom just do not associate a female as a potential customer. This is the first hurdle you may face when you enter a showroom shopping for your dream 2017 Hyundai Tucson SUV. Many salesmen hesitate to approach a woman when she first enters the showroom as they are under the assumption she is waiting for her partner, brother, father or even gay best friend before they ever consider she is there to buy a car on her own. So the salesman will wait you out until he sees your man approach. This means you have to take the initiative and ask for help. Worse, they assume that when you are actually engaged in conversation about a vehicle even if you seem interested there is still a man somewhere you will have to consult before you can actually make a decision on you own. That means you have to make it clear you are serious when you see something you like.

Car Lingo

Yes, most women will not walk in spouting car lingo, using acronyms and asking about torque. However, this is no excuse for sales people to be patronising. It is important for all customers to be approached like they do not understand industry acronyms or other car lingo. You will want to know the basics about the car, the mileage, the features that will make driving the car appealing, how much stuff will fit in the boot and any other selling features a sales person would go over with a man.  Will you be buying outright, or buying on finance? If using finance, will it be bad credit car finance or normal car finance? And if you don’t want to hear about it just brush over that part of the conversation and lead it elsewhere. You might not know cars but you do know shopping. This is where things can get frustrating for a woman which means there are a few things you should do when shopping on your own:

  • Research, research, research
  • Be prepared to negotiate
  • Ask about incentives and rebates
  • Get pre-approved for a loan, bad credit or good
  • Know what you need so you don’t get conned into spending more than you should

Times have changed yet for some reason the world of cars and vehicles is still dominated by men. You have to step up and use your shopping skills to get what you want without feeling intimidated. A bit of homework and some determination will help you get the car you want.